Using logic blocks to dynamically slide a texture

Is there a way I can offset a texture using logic bricks? Say I mave a game with a mini-map and I want to show a zoomed-in protion of the whole map. I want my texture to “follow” the user in the minimap window. I’m a bit lost (maybe I need a map! :D)

Can anybody giove me a few poiters please?


i belive that you can set the textures quardenents based on an object. just set that object to your player and you should be set.

Hi, im using an overlay scene with a camera parented with the collision mesh of the character from the top, following it, with eyefish-like lens on cam, no extra textures, its like a Mini-Map.

Yeah, an overlay scene or this
You’d have to change the python from 2.49 to 2.6 though.

Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I don’t want to do the top-down camera trick because I want a stylised map in the map window. The method I was looking for was what Kylona was suggesting and this tutorial got me started.