Using LoopTools Circle to even out individually a selection of diamond shape faces

does this addon works well with multiple selections ?

around 3:18 in this Maya tutorial he uses the great Circularize components feature and it seems to work flawlesly with multiple face seletions. Those diamond shape faces need to be regularize (all edges need to have the same lenght) so that after subdivision they result in perfect circles used to make holes in a surface. I tried to to this with the Looptools addon with both faces and vertices selected but no avail.

Yes it does

well can it done that operation shown in the tutorial ?

Yes. You provided the wrong timestamp though.

Also, 4 sides is not enough to make a perfect circle with catmull-clark. It won’t be perfect anyway, as most subdivision algorithms use approximation, but 4 sides won’t even look circular with that. It’s only good for viewing from a distance.

yeah indeed I posted that very late Its around 3:18 (its avery fast sequence the coomand read s as polycircularize). Can you do a giff or something in which you show me how it works with multiple selections.

No. I already answered your questions

great support thank you…

You’re asking wrong questions for support and don’t facilitate it. I know not to make it my problem and waste my time, and so does everyone else.

I’m tired of explaining this over and over again, and it seems to be impossible to get the forum give simple instructions on posting on a support forum, but since you’re new…

If you want help troubleshooting a problem, you have to concentrate on the problem and helping others help you. That means

  • Use full interface screenshots to help you explain the problem
  • Prepare and upload an example .blend that others can use to replicate the problem

The .blend is most important part in receiving answers and help.

You wouldn’t troubleshoot a problem in your Makita angle grinder by going to Makita dealership, showing them a clip of a working Dewalt grinder, and then ask them cut a piece of stock with one. No, you take it with you, show it to them, explain the problem, and then expect some sort of support.

This is no different, except in this dealership no one is getting paid for support and can refuse it just by closing the tab.