Using Mac OSX

hi all i am very new to this and attempting the Gingerbread tutorial using Mountain Lion. in the tutorial to add a chained Bone it say ctrl lmb but doesen’t work in the mac unless i am being really stupid. is there a cheatsheet for macs?


Tutorial link and what stage ?
Ctrl+LMB is correct in OSX for extrude a bone.
When you use Ctrl+LMB what exactly happens
Are you using a mouse or trackpad ?
What blender version ?
Using default blender settings, if not what have you changed
Also add any additional info you think may be useful.

Attach or linkto your blend file

Hi i have version 2.64 and inthe tutorial “your frist animation in 30 plus 30 minutes part II” Now “chain” a new bone from the knee to the foot by CtrlLMB clicking in the area of the foot.
nothing happens
using magic mouse for a mac
default settings only changed emulate num pad
By the way the Doc 2.6 excellent i haven’t seen a more in depth manual.

forgot to add this.