Using Makehuman .OBJs in Blender

So, I was playing around with Makehuman, and when I imported the .obj file into Blender, I noticed that it was colored in. Certain parts of the mesh had been given names (body, head, eyes, iris, teeth, tongue, eyebrows, eyelashes) and assigned materials colors. I would like to figure out how to create textures for those parts. I figure I could make UV maps for them, but the trick is selecting the points in the mesh for just that particular (named) part. Is there a way to select a set of points based on a material name? It seems like there should be, but I can’t find it.

I’m using Blender 2.49 and Python 2.5.4 on Windows XP Home

Thanks in advance, guys.

In the Link and Materials Panel of the EditButtonswindow is a Materialindex for objects with more than one Material, where you can choose a Material by numbers and press the select button.

And if the different parts are not linked you can select one vertex and give Ctrl+L a try

I am not sure about this, (I am really new and haven’t done much with MH yet) but the vertices might be in a vertex group (Editing > Link and Materials). If so, there will be a pulldown listing all of the groups, and when a group is selected you should get a button “Select” which will select the vertices in the group.

That did it! HUZZAH!

Thank you SO much! That was driving me batty!

Happy to help. Vertex groups are quickly becoming my favorite amongst the features I have recently figured out how to use.

In the MH installation there is a folder with the textures. You can import them into the UV editor (mesh in edit mode) and they’ll show on the mesh.