Using MakeHuman

I am running Blender 2.34 on a Linux machine, and I am attempting to run MakeHuman 180b. I already know that you need Python 2.3, and I have set the path in the environment and in MakeHuman, as well. I have also set the path in the pull down menu in Blender. The script loads and the basemesh appears. However, the sliders are not working. They do not affect the base mesh at all. Is there a key stroke that one needs to employ to make this happen? :wink:

i have a PC, but try clicking and dragging… :wink:

Thanks for the advice m, but that wasn’t the problem. I already knew about clicking and dragging. I had to delete the files that I originally unzipped from their respective folders and unzip a fresh copy into them. Maybe the way I unzipped them the first time wasn’t the correct way to do it. I unzipped them with the shell the first time. The second time I used Konquerer’s default extraction util. Now it works! I hope this may help others with the same problem. :smiley: