Using Metaballs to animate a wave-help

This question kinda falls under Texturing/particles/animation/modeling.

I’m trying to animate a wave (Huge wave smashing down)

But I want to be able to Control the exact Shape of the wave.

Afaik I can’t really do it with Fluids (less control, more simulation/physics)

I thought about just modeling it by hand and key every frame. And then using a boolean operation to make the ocean and the wave one (once they touch) to fix the texturing issue. (but that’s probably dumb)

Then I thought about doing it using particles and metaballs, and converting it to a mesh? There is no “convert mesh to meta” is there?

also I have not come up with a good solution for the texture itself, once the wave hits the ocean/ground plane, the textures kind of have to merge/be one.

I was wondering if there is anyone kind enough to tell me what the most efficient way is.
I’m sorry for coming up with the worst solutions.

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I have the same proble…spent last night trying to make a breaking wave with fluids…tried obstacles placed like in real waves that partially worked though the result of a REAL breaking wave was far from real…anyone with an idea :0)

I’ve had this problem for a few weeks now, and tried pretty much every technique there is. I still haven’t got a realistic solution. Meta-Balls would be lovely, although they dont work for this particlular effect. At least I don’t think so???

I think the best way would be either modeling a seperate mesh by hand, and/or using lattices (with shape keys)and rotating, moving the mesh so it looks like it’s coming out of the ocean mesh and crashing (that’s where particles come in)
maybe explode modifier for foam?

<edit> prob not explode modifyr

just some ideas. I’ll see if i can achieve waves and post a .blend/screenshot if i can.


I bet ya I’ll think of a better idea as soon as i post this. :slight_smile: