Using Midjourney as a "concept artist" for modeling in blender

I’ve spent some time playing around with Midjourney and I’ve found a number of practical ways to use it in my work. I’ve used it to fill out little background details in scenes and add general clutter to a space. It’s great for generating moods and lighting, even color pallets, and textures.
Recently I thought it would be interesting to use it as a “concept artist” I find myself falling back into the same tropes when I design futuristic vehicles. So I let the robots do it. Below is one of many iterations of a “futuristic police vehicle”. I really liked this one so I got to work in Blender. The looseness of the artwork gave me enough flexibility to play with the design. I’m happy with the results and you can definitely see that my design shares a lot of DNA with the artwork that was generated. I’d say that AI is a great way to iterate on ideas and get out of your comfort zone.


Nice one!
And I totally agree. These are great tools to get inspiration. Personally, when working on private projects, I spend most of my time hunting for ideas and resources because I usually don’t have an exact image in my head. Creativity is, in my opinion, for a large part the ability to come up with ‘new’ stuff by browsing through stuff that already exists. Which a machine can do better than any human. I’ve just started playing with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion but I’m hyped already! I’m convinced this will save artists a lot of time and help them to get better results.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I agree. These AI tools are fantastic tools for generating concept art.