Using more than 1 vertex color leyer in GE ?

Is it possible to use more that 1 vertex color layer in the GE?

I have and object with 5 different materials/textures and I want to use different vertex layer to “paint” this materials in that large object. In 3D view works (GLSL activeted), but when I start the game it seems that blender GE only use the first vertex color layer.

Any Idea?

You could use nodes to combine 4 materials use one vertex color layer.
If you split the vertex colors into R,G and B you can paint 3 masks in one layer.

Combining that with multiple materials (i.e. one can hold 3 different materials per color), and it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. Although, I’d like a nice solution for this issue (multiple vertex color layers, or the ability to break up materials by hue instead of just by color channel (like red, blue, green, yellow, etc). for example).


But it’s weird, if it’s works on “3D view” it should works on GE.

There is a bug report, I send my file there.