Using More then One Track marker in a single area bad practice or ok?

I have found I can place more then one tracking marker for Object tracking example if I used my head and did My eyes nose mouth and I needed more tracks I can place two or three in the same place following the same pattern and get a decent track for the object. Yet I have not tried it for camera but in theory if I needed more tracks I could place more tracks on locations that have a tracking marker that gave me a good track. My question is would this work if so is it something to only do if absolutely needed or is it more if it works use it?

Even if you only have an opinion on this let me hear it. Please and thanks.

You can do it and it does seem to help though if you don’t have enough spread out it will always slide. Still if you spread them out and do this it does help. Question is, I am sure someone has an opinion on this no one having an opinion would be near impossible so please share your thoughts Is this bad practice and should be avoided or is it doesn’t matter as long as it works.