Using Mosaic and Gelato With Blender

Hi All,

I am looking into other render systems for Blender.

I have discovered a script called “Mosaic” that exports to the RIB format.

I have managed to produce output with Aqsis and Pixie, but Gelato does not work.

Has anyone gotten Gelato to work with Blender? It seems to be a path problem based upon the console messages, but I just can’t get it setup correctly.


MOSAIC outputs standard RenderMan RIB format, Gelato is technically a hybrid RenderMan since it does not natively support RIB or RSL but can be setup to. First off Gelato will need a plugin to read RIB format. Also Gelato does not read RSL (RenderMan Shading Language) but can only read GSL (Gelato Shading Language), you can download and use a converter to convert between the two but I didn’t have much success with anything other the really simple shaders :frowning:

You can find Ribelato (the RIB plugin for Gelato) and rsl2gsl (the shader translator) here:

What I ended up doing was install RIbelato so Gelato could read MOSAIC’s outputed RIB directly and just manually setup the shaders that come with Gelato (such as spotlight, plastic, ect). The simplest way to do this if find the directory that Gelato keeps its shaders and add a “Shader Library” path to it, Compile and build fragments from that :wink:

Here’s an example scene rendered in Gelato with these techniques:

Hope that helps,