Using .mov file for texture

Hi guys, I’m looking for a way to animate a texture possibly using a mov file that plays, as a texture on a mesh.
Cant seam to find a way to do this.Maybe I could save each frame of my mov file as a jpg, and create an animation by changing the jpg each frame, but could I then use that render as nested render to be mapped on to meshes?
Any help or suggestions would be great.
I’m not using the inbuilt textures by the way, but external files I want to map onto meshes and then I want to animate the meshes.

hi poke
you can use the mov file as texture. Put a texture to mesh like usually and in texture panel put ANIM button on. To know how to set the additional settings on how the mov is played put the cursor on top of the settings on right and read the explanations which appear.

Create an Image type texture, then load your movie, and click on the Movie button. You can optionally set an Offset in the Anim and Movie panel in the texture buttons. The frames should automatically correspond with the number of frames in the movie. If it doesn’t, click on the little “<” button to the right of the Frames button.


Thanks guys,
I will try your suggestions out:) when I get home tonight.