Using multiple particle systems

I am trying to make a bush using a particle system to distribute branches, and a particle system on the branches to distribute leaves. When the particle system for the leaves is set to render as path, this works properly, but when set to render as object, no leaves appear on the branches on the bush, despite working properly on the original branch

This shows the branch and the bush with leaf particles

This is what happens when set to path. I want this, but with whatever leaf object I end up going with.

I would recommand to use the geometry nodes to achieve what you want. What you’re facing here is simply one of the limitations of the particle system and you would have a very hard time to find a work arround for this.
Even if you perhaps have only little experiance with geo nodes (as I do) it wouldn’t be to hard to get it work. I’m sure you might even find a tutorial on youtube that will exactly cover your problem.

The only fast alternative way I see to solve your problem is to put the leafs on the branche as partikle objects and the make these particles real so they realy become a part of the branche itself. Then you can use the branche (with leafs) as an particle object on the tree. It will use more V-RAM, but it would work.

Best regards