Using music released under a CC sharealike license

This has had me worried for a bit now. I’m getting into character animation and am almost to the point that I’m going to start on my first major project, which will be about 5 minutes long, etc.

I’ve started rounding up resources, I’ve found a lot of awesome scripts, and have an idea of what I want to do, so I started looking for some fitting background music to set it to.

I’ve come across an awesome project, , which is released under this license:

What I’m worried about is that this license will require me to upload my .blend file, which will have truebones mocap data, and my own models in it. I’m not worried about the animation file itself being CC, but the characters I don’t want to release CC, and I can’t afford to give away the models - which will be the base I use to do many commissions.

So, what are your experiences with this kind of license, is it requiring me to release my .blend file CC, or just the finished animation? If I decide I want to sell a compilation DVD of my work (rendered in HD of course) in the distant future, is this license going to come back to haunt me?

Thanks for your help!

If you are talking about making a video, then the CC license does not require you to release your .blend files. At most, your video would have to be share-alike.

Since this is through Jamendo, you should consider purchasing a license for 5 minutes of music. This would allow you to release your video without the share-alike requirement. A license should cost only about $20.

Jamendo? …Oh, went through the links. I see. He wants USD $57 for the entire album.

Yeah, I’m already going to have to spend some money on bvh files, with all respect I can give to the composer, I’ll find free stuff. I’m on a college student budget and there’s better music than his that I can get if I’m going to spend $$$. ( For example, the stuff from which is a no commercial use attribution in plain sight license )

What is it with music artists and draconian licensing anyway? I’ve already released a hi-res sky texture on a CC ‘do anything you want with it as long as you credit me’ license.

You may be able to buy just a track or two for much less. Your video is only 5 minutes? The album you picked sounds pretty good.

I licensed two tracks from Jamendo (about 10 min of music) for about $20 for this:

(My first big project–so don’t be too critical. The music may be the best part! I’m working on an improved model with Blender.)

That’s a pretty awesome animation, IMO. You did really well for how much you had to model.

I’m just at that point where I can consider starting, and since I’m doing character animation I think it’d look pretty hokey to be out of sync with the music I use. I plan on buying the truebones mega pack or whatever they call it when I get my models done.