Using negative frames?

Hi. I am working on a previous long animation. I am trying to avoid moving the already animated things. Even if I tried to move everything in the dopesheet somethings do not seem to fit well, maybe cause modifiers are not key framed.
Anyways, I would like to leave everything as it is and start the new animation on the negative side and since it comes before what is happening in frame 0 makes sense…I checked the preference and I have active “use negative frames”, but when I am trying to actually input the starting frame of my timeline as a negative value nothing is happening.

Do I need to check anything else beside the preferences ?

Thank you

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It is active mmm

Have you frame your scene range?

toi means ? haha

Allowing negative frames won’t allow you to move the frame 0 I guess, I asked this question a long time ago in Blender Stack Exchange but didn’t get any response, I’m not sure it’s possible…

Hi, here is the fix:

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