Using NLA editor for actions in realtime

Can you use the NLA for putting actions together in game mode? If not, how do you put a sequence of actions together without having to use triggers and keys to activate them? Just one after the other. Thanks for all your help!

NLA doesn’t work in the game engine

you would need to use a sensor array and stuff, it would probably be easiest to set up with a timer property and property sensors testing if that property is greater than a particular value [if so, play the animation]

I don’t know how complex you want to get, but you may need property sensors for testing if the timer is within an interval to stop animations on time

if you dont want any time lapse between each action(ie, one action after the other) it would probably be easiest to simply make the entire animation one big action…if you did want some sort of pause between each animation however you could even animate those pauses into the action, unless you wanted a specific movement to be triggered by something.