Using NLA to animate Alpha-value

I have a little animation where an arrow has to do the following several times:

  1. Fade in (using animated alpha value)
  2. turn aroung 720° (i.e. two full turns)
  3. Fade out again

The most comfortable way to do this seems to be the NLA, as I can just copy whole sets of keyframes and drag them around. This works for the turning around part, but the Alpha-mapping keys are not shown in the NLA-editor. Is there a way to show them / work with them just like transformation keys? I don’t want to do it in the IPO-window, because I’d have to switch between material and object curves all the time. (Why do they show me dozens of curve-types in the object-curves that I don’t even use, but I have to switch for the one alpha curve to material-ipos? Have I missed a way to show material and object ipos in the same window?)

No you haven’t missed anything. But try 2.5… that will do just what you want :slight_smile: