using nodes

what are these things called nodes?
What do they do? Does anyone know where i can find a tutorial that starts at the very beginning?

here ya go :slight_smile:

It should be noted, that there are two rather different kinds of nodes:

Material nodes allow you to do things standard materials have difficulties with, e.g. to have multiple diffuse shaders for the same material, or to control with textures material properties you normaly can’t.

These nodes are standard materials and their elements (like textures and shaders) you can connect in a freeform way (in standard materials all the interconnections are more or less hardcoded, - faster, but not that flexible.)

Compositing nodes affect render as a whole, and can be used for a lot of nice things, like (relatively) computationally cheap DoF.

They’re effects and different stages (“passes”) of the render.

material nodes