Using Noise for an animation

I was thinking about making a plane, subdividing a bunch, then using noise for animation. Y’know, First frame is nothing, Frame 11 hit the noise button once, frame 22 hit it a second time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work. I get very poor effects when I use the wave feature, and I was thinking that the Noise would give a nice “shaking” effect like the glass of water in Jurassic Park. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ripples in a pond would be the Holy Grail for me (besides being able to map decent reflections) and I’ve found one tutorial on the subject which didn’t help much. Anything would be helpful. Thanks, People!

the wave animation can give you ripples in a pond, maybe you should try that a bit more.

You would have to use vertex-keys to make that work. Insert a mesh-keyframe at frame 1 with your plane flat, then add new keys at later frames after applying noise - and so on.