Using NVidia graphics cards with blender.

I’ve heard with addition of MacOS High Sierra that you can use external graphics cards through the thunderbolt 3 ports. I am currently on a 13-inch, 2016 MacBook Pro if that helps. I was thinking of getting a GTX 1060 Graphics Card and hook it up to my computer, but I don’t know if Blender would even recognize the card. I make so many animations in Blender, especially ones with hair, and I want to speed that up. It’s taking almost two hours to make an 8 second animation. Will it work? Is there other ways to speed it up? Will it make much of a difference?

This gives you some actual information:


TL;DR: Not fully ready for primetime, Only amd 480/580 on macOS atm. ( Apple dev kit ) Seems to even break NVidia drivers. Using other OS on the machine might be working. Should work in the future officially.


Thanks, I’ll take a look. I’ll also consider getting a 1070 instead of a 1060 GPU, because it isn’t listed in the testings.

Also, will Blender recognize it?

Seems so, see blender result:

You could mail to rob-Art to get more info perhaps.


Definitely will be stretching my card a little this Christmas. But whatever, you get what you pay for.