Using Objects With Partical Emmiter

I’ve been following the Guru’s tutorial on creating a Intro:

I’ve got to the point where the objects are being used instead of the Halo; but when i test the animation they do not collide with the plane and the majority of the particles are underneath. When i swap back to Halo it works fine.

Heres my Blend file:

I still have a lot to learn so I’m guessing this is a nooby mistake! any help would be appreciated.

The origins of your particle objects (on Layer 3) are somewhat above your particles. If you select each of the four objects in turn and execute - Origin / Origin to Center Of Mass (from the toolbar), the result is much better. Further tweaking might help also. The collision with the plane is working, but apparently the collision takes the location of the origin into account (something I did not previously know - so thanks for the question).

Ah, Thanks Dave for the help, that’s fixed the problem for me. Well I’m glad it helped someone else as well ^^