Using old light map in 2.48?


I made a plain room that is ONE object with a window, a cabinet, two paintings etc…

The room has got 2 UV-layouts:

one base layout with that uses several separate .png pics for coloring

one light map layout that has the baked brightness/shadow information. I followed snailroses’ tutorial to bake this light map (

In Blender 2.47 everthing works fine: the GE blends the two layouts together nicely (that I have the color from the base layout multiplied by the shadows of the lightmap).

In Blender 2.47.10 (Blender-2.47 Trunk SVN 16945) I can’t get it working ;( I can have either the base map or the light map but not both maps blended together properly.

Does anyone know what I have to do or how to tweak the new GE setting in Blender 2.48?

Thanks for your help!!


Edit: I don’t really need GLSL materials right now, so it would be fine to use the GE rendering that was used in the versions <2.48 of Blender. But neither “texture face materials” nor “blender multitexture materials” work like the old “use blender materials” button. If it’s a bug I would submit it, but can someone confirm this issue before I bother the devs?