Using one blend file to another one?

Anyone could tell me how to import one blender file to another blender file?

press shift-f1 to get to the load library file view… pick append if not allready selected an locate your blend file… click it and select the scene directory… highlight the scene and load… there you go…

with the link option beside the append option you can link blend files so that changes in the other will also affect the other… append just makes copies…

if you want to import just some objects/what ever locate it within the blend and do the same as with the whole scene.

hope this is what you had in mind!

thanks a lot for your help!


I’ve tried using the “import library -> scene” method, but if you want to use the model in another scene in the current file you are apparently screwed.

I have tried to find out if there’s a way to move objects between SCENES, but there doesn’t seem to be.

Am I missing something key?



control + [L]
on an object allows you to ‘make a link’ to another scene. You can have the SAME object in multiple scenes.

it also turns the unselected object center blue (or teal…?)

anyone can tell how to deselect a link. I made a link on two object, now I don’t want to link them together. :expressionless:

Ukey, object