Using other languages?

I’ve decided to start messing around with blender GE, but I personally don’t like the logic brick setup it has going on, I would prefer to actually code…just seems it would be easier to change things as I need to. However I do not know Python, and I was wondering if you HAVE to use Python or can other languaes like C/C++ (which I do know a lot about) be used? Or am I just stuck having to learn some Python?

If you know C/C++ fairly well python should not even be an issue, it should almost look like psuedo code to you.

In case you are one of those people who have trouble with new languages, you can always go and just code a game with OGRE:

I have been looking at some python tutorials, following them line for line and my Python scripts never seem to work…I’m compiling with Python 2.4, is there another version that I need to get?

Well, again, I suggest that you just stick with what you know, and go with OGRE. You did see the link I posted, right. Just get the SDK and start cracking, since you know alot about C/C++ it should be no problem for you.

From what I understand about the Blender Game Engine, it actually comes with it’s version of the python core. However this core only supports the basic functions that are offered by the engine. So that means if you want to use any external python modules/functions or whatever, you will then need a full python install.

For a quick crash tutorial in BGE python, you can visit my tutorial on the subject:

However again, it’s much better for you to go with OGRE if you know C/C++.

yea I must have missed that link, I’ll look into this OGRE thing.

Crystal Space may be a better option for you, or Irrlicht.

o thanks unsettlingsilence, Irrlicht is pretty much exactly what I was looking for.