Using Output on an iMac via F3


I have just completed my first ‘reasonable’ creation. It is not an animation, just a simple building with materials & lighting. It has been rendered and now I wish to use “Output” to create a PNG version.

Manuals / tutorials suggest that the Output workflow starts with pressing the F3 key. I use an iMac (with wireless keyboard and magic-mouse). On my configuration the pressing of the F3 key gives me the Mac OSX option of displaying all currently open products, and not the start of the Output workflow.

I have previously been to the “Preferences” window and made adjustments to accommodate required features such as “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” & “Emulate Numpad”. I am assuming (hopefully correctly) that the adjustment I need to amend the pressing of the F3 key from the Mac OSX feature to the starting of the Blender Output workflow is probably ‘hiding’ somewhere in “Preferences”.

Could you please guide me to the correct adjustment, whether that be in “Preferences” or somewhere else in the Blender.

Many thanks


First, F3 is neither part of the numpad, nor of the mouse so why would that options help you?

Then, there is no output workflow ^^ F3 simply opens the “image>save as” dialog.
Once you rendered your thing, there should be a menu at the bottom, just click image>save as and done.

For what I understand F3 opens some stuff in your MacOS. OS hotkeys >> application hotkeys. So you got to search the fault in your OS hotkeys. I am sure a macuser will step in here and help you there sooner or later. but at least you can save your render now =)

In the OSX Preferences Pane, / Keyboard you can set the Function keys to behave like traditional function keys or if your keyboard is the Apple keyboard it should have a ‘fn’ key which you hold down while pressing the function keys.
All this has nothing to do with blender it is a Mac preference issue.

Both answers have fully sorted the problem. Thanks