Using particle hair to plant objects

I created tree mesh and a landscape.
I created hair(particle one) and in options Visualisation I choosed Object (Tree).
What I have to do, to keep Trees vertical?


In the Particle Physics panel, set the rotation from None to the Object (the object axis you want is dependant on how you’ve modelled it)

But then I can’t place particles as I want…

Not Exactly–they are placed randomly, but I can earse them…

Should I use Weightpainting?

You set the rotation so it points in the right direction.
Everything you need to know is here

K, I figured it out already.
Also (hope it’s last), is there any way to export created particles w/Object as objects?

Go to the frame where you want the objects then from the menu: Objects / Clear/Apply / Make Duplicates Real Shift+Ctrl+A