Using particles for frayed edges?

I wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in the materials board, but I was wanting to make a vest for a street urchin, and I wanted it to have a few tears and frayed edges. I’m guessing the best way to simulate fraying is through adding particles (not sure though), and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to accomplish this? I’m pretty new to particles and only really know how to add them to the whole object. Is there any way to add them to just an edge?


From what I can see … no
You get the choice of vertices faces or volume
Probably the best would be faces.
Make the cloth a very thin solid, or add a really narrow hem

I had a go, and even in a short time it looked reasonable.
Especially if you take a little time to comb the fibres after

The only thing I could not get to work was getting the strand to colour the same colour along the length, based on the colour of the mesh it was coming from.

Best of luck


You actually can.
vertex group the edges you want and assign it.
add particles and set end frame to 1, and lifetime to 300
go down and click on “Keyed” under physics.
go further down and go to the “vertex group” tab.
set density to the vertex group you made of the edges. and that’s it.

Hi Albertofx,

I tried that and could not get the particles to emit from the edge only.
Even with a vertex group for the density, you only have the choices of vertices, faces, or volume.
If I choose vertices, the particles are emitted from only the vertices in the group.
If I choose faces, the particles are emitted from the faces that surround the vertices in the group.
Am I missing something?