using paths

The project that I’m working on consists of a man walking up to a counter, pausing, and then walking away. I created a character with a walk cycle, but he only walked in place. I was able to get him to walk down a single path, but I have created another path for him to walk away. How can I get him to the next path without creating a new scene and adding more keyframes?

In object mode select both curves and join them together with Ctrl J. Tab into eitmode, select the end controll point of the first curve and the beginning point of the second curve and connect them with F key. Now set a time IPO on the curve so that your man stops at the end of the first section and resumes at whatever point in time you prefer.

There are some new features in the CVS builds which will make a big, big difference in how you do this in 2.43, and will make the whole process a lot easier. Check this thread out:

so he walks, rests, and then walks again, And he moves along the path while feet moving so it looks like he’s actually walking

Ok, I got the path to work. Thanks a bunch. But now I want to write a script in Python that will allow me to set times for my guy to arrive, go to the counter, then walk away; and I may add another character to the animation, so I think I will need to be able to delay what time the other character starts walking. I have never used Python or any scripting language before, so trying to figure this out has been very daunting for me. If anyone could lend a helping hand, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

i would suggest you just move the ipos in time. use Key display mode, and just right click on a key and Grab it to move it wherever you want.

Have you ever used the IPO window? If not then you should make learning this your top priority at this point. It doesn’t look very flashy but to my knowledge it works flawlessly and really makes a lot of sense once you get to know it. In fact, it makes so much sense that Adobe Systems’ After Effects 7.0 is sporting a new timeline window with “New” functionality that looks and functions suspiciously like our own IPO window. Heck, the entire interface of that program looks and functions suspiciously like the Blender GUI as a whole. Theirs is a bit more refined, but ours is still easier to use…once you learn your way around it that is.