Using PEF while moving vertices

I’m just getting to know Blender, with use of the book ‘Blender Foundations’. As I can’t ask any questions on their website, I hope someone of you can help me out.

I’m trying to change a face a bit. With use of PEF it should be possible to adjust several vertices and still contain the relations with surrounding vertices. However, when I enable PEF the complete face will move. So, no use for me, as I want to change the appearance of the face.

The other option I can find is to disable PEF, but then I need to adjust every single vertex (which I have done now). Is there someone who can help me, maybe I have some other wrong setting? I just can’t find anything… You can find a screenshot below.

there is a circle appears when you try to move a vertex (anything) with proportional editing on
you can change size of that with the middle mouse button also has a connected mode that will only affect the connected verts
(hope I’m talking the right tool here I never heard it called PEF before )

You can change the radius of Proportional Editing by clicking on a point, and while still holding the button down (i.e. while still dragging), press Mousewheel Up/Down (or Page Up/Down on the keyboard).

It looks like you’ve got several vertices that aren’t on the center line where they should be. I’d use Lasso Select Ctrl-Left Click, to select those points and then press S, X, and 0, and then move them to the zero position on the x axis in the Transform section of the Properties window (N key).