Using phisics on Linked objects

I am making a domino falling animation. I have 4 different dominoes that I will be using in the animation. I created each in it’s own blend file so changes can be made to the designs.

In a separate animation blend file, I link to the domino in the external blend file. All four linked dominoes show up exactly as I would expect them to.

I can add a ridged body to the linked dominoes, but the collision bounds don’t work the way I would expect them to. Rather than being applied to the linked object it is applied to the empty that controls it. (Ok I guess that is what I would expect, but not what I want…)

Is there a way to apply physics, specifically collision bounds to the object rather than the empty? I have tried adding the collision bounds in the original domino blend file, but that does not seem to make it into the animation blend file.

My attached blends only contain 1 domino, but the problem is the same.


domino-cat.blend (487 KB)domino-animation.blend (425 KB)

I gave it a try. It does work if you link in the object. If you link in the group, however, all you essentially have to add to the physics simulation is an Empty which I could not get to work. I wonder why the physics tab is active for Empties, it should be simply greyed out? Also remember to change the bounds type from Box to Convex Hull for better collision detection.

Perfect! I linked the object, and made it a proxi and all is fine in the world!

Now to figure out how to mark this post as solved… Figured it out…