Using physics to make a joint/hinge thing?

Hey Blender people,

I have been playing about with blender for a while now, but never really payed much attention to animation or physics, preferring to simply play about with static modeling.

I was thinking recently though about the using the physics engine in an animation i thought of, but it involves the use of a see saw type joint, or a hinge, and solid objects interacting with each other.

I found this video on You tube, which demonstrates something like what i would like to achieve;

However, i have a fair idea of how to make cubes drop onto a solid plane, but what i cant do is make the “see saw” stay in one place like a hinged joint.

Can anyone explain to me what i should do, or point me in the direction of a tutorial that may help introduce me to the physics engine. Unfortunately my own google searches were fruitless.



You want to use rigid body joints- in constraints add a rigid body joint, make sure its set to hinge, and rotate the pivot point as necessary to get it rotating around the right axis. I believe if you leave the object field empty it just constrains itself to its starting position. Note that the object should also be set to rigid body in the physics panel.

here’s an example, i didn’t watcht eh video so I’m not sure if this is want you want. press p to start the game. then press alt+a to see the animation. this is done using constraints.


see-saw.blend (41.1 KB)

thanks for your replies!
This has certainly pointed me in the right direction anyway.

If anyone is interested, what i basically want to do is re create “margots cat” the kinetic sculpture by Arthur Ganson. If you want to know what that is it can be seen here;

I thought it would make a great model in 3D with Blender.

If anyone who knows about these things can see any potential pitfalls should look out for then please let me know!

-Thanks again.