Using physics to simulate pages in a book, possible?

In my naive view,

I should have been able to add a plane, divide it along the z-axis. Use an array modifier (100 or so). Apply it. Perhaps move the base of the pages to create a soft roundness. Then use softbody simulations to get the pages of the book to fall in an open position like a real book would when opened. i.e. I wanted a quick way to create a book with many pages.

I’m fiddling with a lot of settings and I’m having problems getting a single page to behave like a page with the soft body tool.

Can you point me to a tutorial / explanation on how to achieve this ?

Many tanks

PS: Googling openbook gives you a lot of example of what I’m trying to achieve.

Hey Phillipe,

not sure whether it is possible to simulate a book with softbodys in Blender. Possible one could run into issues with collision detection.

But for animating a book here is a great cgcookie tutorial.

But I guess this is not the quick way, you are after.