Using physics with a hinge or pivot

I’m not sure if what I’m looking to do is possible.

I would like to have two planes. I want Plane B to be attached to Plane A on a pivot, so that it’ll swing from side to side, but that’s it. If Plane A movies, Plane B should move with it. Then I want to apply physics to Plane B so that if Plane A moves, Plane B will flop around and spin around the pivot point from the force of the inertia.

Is this possible? Thank you.

It should be possible depending on what you want to do exactly. Make planeA a passive rigid body and planeB an active rigid body. Select planeA and add a rigid body constraint and select point; select planeA as object 1 and planeB as object2. Also you need to activate Animated in the rigid body panel for planeA.
Here is an example, press Alt A to move plane A.
Pivot.blend (574 KB)

You, Sir Alan, have completely answered my question, and I thank you greatly for it.

Now all I need to know is, can you have multiple pivoting planes? Can you have Plane A set as the pivot, then three planes all attached to it, each one swinging and spinning around as they follow Plane A? Preferably with each plane attached to a different side of Plane A. Such as Plane B attached at the left side of Plane A, and Plane C attached at the right side of Plane A, and so on.

You can add empties and parent them to planeA and then use the empty as the rigid body constraint instead of planeA.
For each empty Object 1 will be plane A and Object 2 will be the corresponding plane. See the attached file.
Pivot1.blend (563 KB)

I can see what you did there, how you connected things up, but when I animate it, the three smaller planes, Planes B, C, and D, just fall straight down instead of swinging along the pivot. As in, each plane maintains its flat orientation, and simply falls downs, without swinging or following Plane A.

Whooops sorry about that, it was late at night and I thought I had it working like this before. I will look into it.

I don’t think you can use empties. You will have to use other passive rigid body objects parented to the plane. In the outliner window you turn off rendering of these objects so that they do not show up in the final render.

pivot2.blend (640 KB)


pivot2.blend (609 KB)