using pics to made 3d image

Hey all, i’ve been wondering if theres away to see more than one camera view of the pics that are being used to make a model from, or am i pretty much SOL from there? guess i’m asking if theres away i can see like the top view and side view at the same time, of if someone knows an easier way to go about it, thanks

Most blueprints do have top, front and side views…

Assuming you have have reference pics from different angles, various solutions include:

Opening multiple Blender windows with a different view and different reference image in each one (my preference).

Importing all three pics so they are included in your image list on the “background image” dialog box and selecting the view you want from the list at any given time.

Not sure about this one but I think I’ve seen it suggested somewhere: Adding two or three planes and mapping a UV image texture onto each one (and I assume viewing in texture mode). The 3 planes would align with 3 different views so you’ll see them from each different angle.

None of this has to do with “camera angle” per se, it is more to do with window views. Note that the first two will only work from straight views, if you rotate the view, the image will disappear.

In most cases 2 views is enough since this gives you access to all 3 dimensions.

thanks for the help, i’m gonna keep working on it and hopefully i’ll figure it out,any other suggestions for me on modeling this way?

one more question with this one,i’m working on an airplane, but when i am looking at the pics in the backround there not matching up like i would like, the top view isn’t matching the side like it should,any suggestions? thanks guys

The manual on this page - - briefly talks about the background pic window. You will find that you can move the image around for each window it is set as the background for by manipulating the x and y value in the Background Image box. Either that, or you can manually align your model to line up with your background image. That is my choice.

great thanks,just one more question for ya,i’m using a model decal picture for my backround pic, but it seems that the sizes are a bit different from top and the sides,is this normal or am i all messed up? thanks again and last one for a while promise lol

One thing to understand is that actual photos will never truly line up properly because they all have some element of perspective in them. That’s why a lot of people have trouble modelling from face photos - the ears, eyes, nose and mouth never all line up at the same time (Various photographic techniques can minimise this distortion at source).

If this is the cause of your problem, then you can either edit the photos (Photoshop, Gimp etc) to try and “correct” the problem or make allowances for it as you model just using the pics as a guide.

If you’re working from plans that should match but don’t then you either have to move the pics in the windows or change their sizes. The link given by Hunkadoodle should help with this.

If you want to use pictures corrected for perspective try taking the photo from a greater distance then zoom in using the zoom lens of your camera to compress the apparent depth.

If you don’t have a zoom on your digital camera, move back from the subject again but this time increase the pixel count of the image to max quality and zoom that up in your fav. software (gimp or PS). After all the sharpness isn’t as important as for printing. Anyway your computer screen isn’t likely to to display in 5megapixel resolution anyway.


thanks again for the help guys, i’ve been keeping at it and i think i’ve got it figured out,if not i’ll try something else, but i’m using one view for like an out line, when i’m happy with that, i’ll goto the other one and scale everything accordingly and adjust from there later on. but thanks for the help and i’ll post a WIP here soon