Using plugins tutorial?

Can anyone point me a tutorial on how to setup and use plugins with blender?

I’m having a little trouble figuring this out and haven’t come across any tuts yet.


There are no tuts that I know of but it’s easy enough. Add a texture and select “Plugin”, “Load Plugin”, then navigate to the file and MMB on the one you want. From there it’s a matter of experimenting with the different values to see what they do. Bricks and tiles have X and Y parameters and colors, mandelbrot and vorenoi have funky iterations of color, noise and bump, and glow and zblur need to run thru the sequence editor, as do the sequence plugins.


I thought you needed to install python and setup in order to use plugins and scripts?

I found an Import/export plugin(IO_Suite.blend), but couldn’t figure out how to get it to load.

I’ll have to try again :-?

Plugins are C or C++ compiled dll’s. Python scripts are text code written in Python.