Using PNG file

I managed to use png image file on an object. Png image file make possible to be used as single file verses traditional alpha mapped plus image file to be applied to an object.

The transparency area within the png image is working fine, but its shadow outline is not projected properly. Can png image cast proper shadow in Blender?

You’ll need to turn on traShadow in the material properties of the Object receiving the shadow.

Thanks I got the shadow. My PNG file needs an improvement though. The mask seems to bleed out; all that white ice on tree effect!


turn on premultiply alpha in the texture settings

Where is this premultiply alpha button?

Mean time “Stenci” button under “Map To” tab seems to clean up the alpha border.


premultiply = premul button in “Image” window. You can also turn on Anti(alias) next to it

Map to->stencil seems a nice idea. Of course it would be awkward if you wanted parts transparent

Thanks, found the buttons among the sea of buttons!