Using Portals for PHPBB

Hey I got a strange question and, like the majority of my life’s trivial moments, was hoping that the people of Blender could help me out.

I just started using PHPBB Boards for my site and was wondering if I could it for this purpose:

-Allowing visitors to post comments on a page that isn’t a part of my forum board.

I’m aiming for the sort of set up that team orange used as well as Blender Nation.

Sorry for the off-color question, but if anyone has any broad information that would be awesome!

-Thor which is our repositor (our as is mine and several other people) uses phpbb as the backbone for the whole system

basicaly all out coder did was dd sertain lines to the SQL tables and coded a few quaries onto the pages to display the information

all this was done in php, since phpbb (no duh) is coded in php and MYSQL it can be modded to do mostly anything with some manupilatioon of code

Oh, I have the basic theory down. I started going through the php pages that PHPBB uses and have been trying to use them but with very little note-worthy results.

I just speculated that there was an easier system. Just a basic .php file that I could handle a comment/reply action.

If there is, I would love to get my hands on it, but for the moment I am left to stumble, scrape and claw my way at it.


you dont actualy modify the existing phpbb structure, all you do us just use the same SQL making sql calls and submisions from another page that you have coded, its basicaly you making an addon to the system

There are many CMS that intergrate to PHPBB. Just search for one. It took me exactly 3 seconds to type in “PHPBB CMS” in google and find this:

This hack turns your phpBB into a Content Management System (CMS) or Portal. Easy to use, lots of features and good documentation.

Manage the content of your website via the comfortable phpBB GUI. Does not matter if you have HTML, PHP or just BBCode formatted text. Can be easily applied to an existing phpBB installation.
Of course, PHPBB is really well known for it’s great security and it’s likely you wont get hacked.

Thanks for the link. I have previously been on PHPHacks and have downloaded/secreted my life energy dry on portals and phpbb addons. This one, like the rest, includes multiply, if not infinite, errors that leave laymen like me without a further whim.

If there is a simple way to allow visitors to leave comments on pages (that have nothing to do with my phpbb board) I would love to know how.

As for the rest of the universe, I think I will go into the logging bussiness.