Using Pose Libraries: Appended Pose is Corrupt

I appended a pose library from a .blend file I use only as library. This library contains hand poses, and one of them is a first like grasp. The pose works fine in the library file, but in the working file I appended this from the appearance looks corrupted. Fingers are not as they should, and the thumb is buried in the palm.

I took care that all hand bones where selected when the pose entry was made in the library file, including the thumb controller. And I made sure the all the same bones are selected in the working file when I used the pose.

In both the library and working files I used the life ring icon on this pose to fix any possible corruption.

What can make a pose in an appended library be different from how it appears in the library it was appended from like that?

When a pose is used from the Pose Library panel in the Properties Editor’s Data tab, and the pose is changed, is that change made everywhere that pose was used?

There are earlier versions of the pose library I appended that I need to delete. I cannot because there is still a non zero user count when the Fake User check box is not checked. I there a way, in the Outliner, or elsewhere. to find out where these users are?

Delete them as if they are an action in the NLA. Then try to re import your animation. Other than that, may need to see the files to answer. And no the pose does not impact an appended pose or vice versa. Two separate actions as far as Blender is concerned. What you are seeing is the action protection that was put into Blender to keep people from unknowingly totally deleting actions by clicking the X in the action editor. Or you can select your pose library under active in the outliner and delete it after you select the action in action editor with a right click. Hope this helps.

I discovered the reason the pose library did not seem to work right in the working. It is because in the library file I had rotation limits set and in the working file the rotation limits were disabled for the bones being posed. Once the limits were re-enabled the pose worked as expected in the working file. Why it matters whether the rotation limits are enabled in the working file is a mystery to me. My expectation would that if the bone rotation values would be copied into the pose as they are with limits enabled, in which case I cannot understand why rotation limits would make a difference in the working file. The rotation limits values are the same in both files.