Using projection painting to elimate sharp transitions

On some of my more complex models a have one image suddenly transitioning into another. Naturally, this makes for a very jarring change. I have read that it is possible to use the multiple uv maps to create a smooth transition between the two areas.

I tried to follow a tutorial, but the narrator spends well over 9/10th’s of it rambling about moving vertices, which I do not need to know.

The two images that I uploaded show a render of the sample object and the uv layout and image texture.

Please do not suggest nodes as a solution, I tried them a while ago and found them to be a dead end.


Yeah that would work. This is the tutorial I followed on projection painting and it was very good.

What you’ll do is you’ll have 3 UV maps. 1 UV map for each of these two textures and then another UV map that will be painted onto. In the example you showed, you’d want to make sure the the texture you’re doing takes up the whole side. So if the UV you’re working on is the black and red one, you’d want to make sure it was going well over the line that is currently dividing the textures. Then you’ll be able to choose which UV map you want to Clone from and which you want to paint to. I won’t try to explain it since I only did it once. Check out the tutorial.

Good luck.

You could also use stencilling to blend between them:-

Thank you, even thought I wasn’t able to follow the tutorial completely (due to over 9/10th’s consisting of vertex moving rather then something useful), but I managed to get what I was aiming for.