Using proportions templates for Character reference

What do the professionals and real artists use when setting up characters in Blender?

I have just begun the path of making my own characters, currently opting for the 1/8 method.
Besides reference images, I want to approach this “mathematically.”

Here is what I have made so far for technical reference images.

It has nothing to do with blender. It just depends on what you are doing. If you are doing a realistic character, then yes, the 1/8 is known since antiquity Greece. But Its up to you. 1/8 is the ideal proportion, not all humans are the same and it gives them the unique touch. Here is example of cartoon character by Denzel Epelle who uses proportional tool HERE

Man…this reply is gold…en ratio!
Huge fan of Fibonacci, Sacred Geometry and so forth.

Thank you so very much for this reply.

Your input has sparked a chain reaction in my head on how to proceed with this specific project.

Please be well and may your days be good, better or great!

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