using python to move an armature

Hi everybody,
I have created a 3D model in blender and then an armature to match that model.
I used the ‘painting’ mechanism to bind the model to the armature.
I was then able to create some basic animations.
What I am now trying to do is write some python code to move the armature, instead of using the animation window.
I was able to find some posts similar to this question but the links were broken,or the link did not pertain to armatures.
I have a programming background so I should be able to do this; I just need a little help getting started with some simple examples, perhaps.
Let me also say that I am not just looking to save an existing animation and then just call it from python, although at some point that may be useful too.
Rather, I need to read in paramaters dynamically and then animate the object based on values read.
Thanks for all that help and thanks for the forum. I’ve used other forums for opensource technology and so far this one is quite more user friendly :stuck_out_tongue: