Using resolution of Windows Desktop

I have exported my screensaver with 2.25. Is there a way to make blender use the resolution of the windows desktop?

In this screensaver i have two meshes rotating.
An empty is the parent of this two objects.
If i make the empty rotate with logigbrics, his children (the two meshes) do not rotate with him.
In the normal view the rotating of the children works fine.
Where can the mistake be?

Thanks for your help

not directly

iirc runtimes can be run with arguments that specify their resolution, but you would have to write a screensaver that launches the blender runtime with the proper arguments

… and you can’t make a .bat file a screensaver

Does anyone know the name of the Windows-API funktions that can tell me the width and height and the depth of the desktop. I will write a little c- Application that executes the blender runtime with this information.

I’m pretty new to windows programming, but I think you need to use the DEVMODE structure, and EnumDisplaySettings(…).

I don’t remember the details though, so look for win32 programming tutorials on the internet. (Actually, since I’ve got nothing better to do, I found one for you :smiley:

[EDIT] Or, you can click “Fullscreen” in file->runtime options. This will make the runtime play in fullscreen mode instead of windowed, which is probably what you want for a screensaver.