Using Revit 2009 model in Blender 2.45

Hi you all !!!

I was looking for the best way to use revit model and I found this way.

1.- From your revit file export to fbx file.

2.- Use the Autodesk FBX converter 2009.3 and transport to 3ds format( ) (obj, collada & dxf did not work very good for me)

3.- The importer of 3ds give me some errors and all the time I have to clear location and rotation . . . so I modify a little the 3ds_import file so . . from line 414 to 433 is something like this

   #if contextMatrix_tx:
   # ob.setMatrix(contextMatrix_tx)
   #if contextMatrix_rot:
   # ob.setMatrix(contextMatrix_rot)
  for matName, faces in myContextMeshMaterials.iteritems():
   makeMeshMaterialCopy(matName, faces)
   if len(materialFaces)!=len(myContextMesh_facels):
   # Invert material faces.
   makeMeshMaterialCopy(None, set(range(len( myContextMesh_facels ))) - materialFaces)
   #raise 'Some UnMaterialed faces', len(contextMesh.faces)
   # aqui pongo una excepcion nomas para verificacion

If you have any other method that do bether job or have less steps .


AFAIK Blender can import .fbx files.

At least in the case of official builds currently,
thats a negative, it can export them, though.

the link is down

Nothing that google can not handle :wink:


thank you very much