Using Riggify, Armature won't scale to Meta Rig

Hey all, I’m working with Riggify on a WoW model and when I alligned the meta rig to my model and hit generate the armature wouldn’t scale correctly and keeps coming out small, I saw something on google saying to go to “object->apply->scale” and that should help, but I tried that and it’s still too small, and I’m afraid to just scale the armature without knowing if it will cause future issues. does anyone know of a solution to this? any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

here is what the issue looks like

Hey; check out this tut

wow! thank you that was extremely helpful! :slight_smile: oh hey, would you happen to know how I can change my prefabricated textures to an altered unwrapped mesh? like the vertices got rearranged and now the UV mapping doesn’t fit when I put in the prefabbed PNG file

Your welcome - and no on the texture stuff, but post your question in the material/texture part of this forum.