Using sequencer information in a driver?

Hello here,
I want to insert many shot in a 3D set. I do that using “image as plane”. That work fine, but when I need to change the timing of the video, I need to go to she shader editor of the plane. For one video, this is Ok, but for many different video, it is to slow. My idea is to use the “Sequencer” interface to edit the video timing. (For this, I will have to create a script that automatically creates a clip in the sequencer for each video added in 3D space)
But for now, I don’t understand how to interact between sequencer and shader.
I try to do a driver property in the shader that use a property of a video in the sequencer, but I can’t find out if it is possible to retrieve values from the sequencer in the driver editor.
Do you know if there is a way to do that? (Or if you have better idea than me for easily edit rush timing that are inserted in 3D space, tell me :slight_smile: )

Up! (I have searched solution but don’t find anything)