Using shader editor

Hi, i’ve a problem with the shader editor and some more. I want to make a mapping of a picture; With this i want it to print in 3D for making a mold.

this what i want:


who can help me?

You cant do this with shader editor. You will need to add dissplacement modifier and this image to a heavly subdivided Box.

Then i get this

Needs to be a grey scale image… Heightmaps are greyscale not Color

No, it does not need to be greyscale. Color is fine. Add cube, uv unwrap it, add multiple subdivisions like 7-8 and displace modifier, tweak settings.

Hi, It works but now i want to do it with a cilinder? And on 1 side?

Hi I’am almost there. Do you now how to flat the back?

this is the front

this is the back