Using Shape keys on different objects

Hi! I just started using Blender and I was wondering if a certain process has to be done manually or if it can be automated. I think using an example will make it easier.

Let’s say you have a scene with two objects: a character (1) who is wearing a coat (2). If you apply a Shape key to make the character taller, for example, the coat will clip through it so you will have to make another Shape key for it.

Is there any way to “bind” one object to another so the Shape keys of one affects the other, without having to make them separately?


For what you want to do Shape key is not the tool to use. Tool to use will be Lattice over the body and clothing. Apply Lattice modifier to both objects, calling out same Lattice envelop. Shape key uses manual deformation through objects vertex manipulation.

Thanks ridix.

I took a look at the Lattice modifier and looks pretty much like what I was looking for :yes:

My problem now is that I wanted to export the objects with the Shape Keys so I could morph them in another program. Given that the Shape Keys are now applied to the Lattice there is no way to do this. Damn.

Still, thanks.