Using Shrink Wrap To Animate Across A Surface (2.5)

Hi All,

I thought I’d give the shrink wrap modifier a try in Blender 2.5.

From WIKI:

shrinkwrap acts like a view-independent “retopo”

So in my scene I have a subsurfed cube and a subsurfed plane. The plane is being displaced by a clouds texture. I want the cube to travel across the plane and “hug” the surface of the plane.

The way I have it setup, it does not see, to work. Does anyone have anytime to review my Blender 2.5 scene?

What am I doing wrong?



25_track_surface.blend (78.6 KB)

Here is another oddity.

I took the above scene, added a curve to the scene and used shrinkwrap to project the curve across the surface. This seems to work. Now all I want to do is to have the cube deform along the curve. But that does not work either.

I feel so stupid today…


25_track_surface.blend (80.2 KB)

Today I tried the shrink-wrap modifier to project a circle onto a cube.
Well, basically it works only if the cube is not subsurfed.
Is it the normal behaviour of shrink-wrap?