Using smoke simulator

Hi, I made this scene inspired by these moments when you prepared everything for that it be perfect and there is suddenly one thing that comes and done all missed. This spider had chosen a plant for its web, counting on the fact that the flower that will soon hatch will attract lots of insects but someone threw away its cigarette butt and it landed just next to the plant and the smell is unbearable for the poor spider ;p
I tried to make the smoke with the smoke simulator in blender but it didn’t look good and after I squeezed it in Gimp for that it be less large but I don’t find it looks good. Does someone would know how to make a thin smoke like one of a cigarette in blender?
And if someone has any idea on how to improve this image in general, please tell me! :smiley:


It took a while for me to identify the hat as a hat. Try mixing some more velvet into the material and (optionally) making the hair on the hat shorter and more dense.

I’d also remove a little glossy from that hat, and use the roughness of the glossy as a mix factor between the geometry normal and the incoming normal for the fresnel node (rough fresnel) if you haven’t already.

Thank you for your comment! Yes, I have some problems with the hat shader. Actually, that’s a 100% velvet. I increased the amount of hair but since the hat is blured that’s not visible.
I changed the aspect of the image and as I haven’t managed to make a right smoke, I took a smoke photo on pixabay.


Here is I think my final image. I changed again the image of smoke (from this time). :slight_smile:


The spider web looks unrealistic because there is nothing pulling the top edge of the web to create the curve in the top edge. By rights, the top edge of the web should be perfectly straight (as if under tension).

All [real] plants follow mathematical rules when deciding where to place a bud (a bud that will turn into a branch). Generally they will use the golden angle of 137.5degrees around from the last bud/branch.

The lighting on the cigerette butt seems incorrect. The filter part seems to be lit from underneath but I can’t see how that would work. It’s darker at the top even though the top of the hat brim is bright