Using spin and spindup

Hello guys, can somebody tell me what tool should I use to create a wine glass profile with spin or spindup, I trying to use a Bezier Curve but doesn’t work.

I would probably manually add verts.

Add a new object (a cube for example, it doesnt matter what kind) and then delete all the verts. Then, Ctrl+LMB (left mouse button) to make new verts. Get a basic shape. Then move the points around until you get the profile you like.

Pretty simple. :slight_smile:


OK! Thanx let me try that and see how simple is!

Hey! thanx a lot it work - here’s my example

well you can indeed make the profile with bezier curves:
just make your profile with a bezier curve, then go to object mode, select it and press ALT+C. then the curve is treated like a mesh and you can use spin with it.