Using Supporting Edges to Creases Edges

Hi, I would like to use a support edge near an edge that I would like to crease. Doing this causes problems:

If you look at Untitled1 there’s unwanted creasing where the supporting edge is placed.

Any tips?


Run the supporting edge on the other polygons (left and lower portion of the screen shot). If you put it on the curvature you will get the pinching running the edge along the curve (vertical in the screen shot) will get rid of pinching. With the overall shape complete, we could help you more with the detailing.

Adding a supporting edge where you suggested does not affect the area that I wish to crease. It also still creates the pinching.

It’s not clear to me what you actually want. You add an edge “near an edge that [you] would like to crease”, and then complain that there is “unwanted creasing”. But I can see only one crease, which is precisely where you added the extra edge, so presumably where you did want creasing in the first place.

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The corner towards the center of the picture.

Ah, so you didn’t want to crease an edge in the first place, only a corner. In that case, ajm is right; put the additional edge loop in the other direction:

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